Ad & Sponsorship policy

Dr. Dial’s sole motive is to be the most trustworthy and legitimate associate to help you know more about health and lifestyle. We are passionate about bringing you the correct, genuine, and best information and content that conveys the best health-related information for our readers. The data and content posted by Dr. Dial media are generated after precise revision and guidelines to maintain reliability, precision, and authority. We are funded through the sale and dealing in advertising that stays in its properties which include platforms like websites, apps, social media sites, and other publicizing elements. Dr. Dial’s team is unbendable about editorial liberty. The sponsors may influence the content we put in, other than giving some viewpoints on broad topics. There may be instances that we offer co-launched or branded content in confederation with our sponsors, and the content is correctly tagged. 

We accept advertisements in the form of- 

  1. Article Posting– Submission of articles/manuscripts has the following rules to be considered. The article must be 100% genuine and must not be published on any other platform. The content of the article should be approved by a responsible authority. Authors who want to add pictures and figures must take copyright permissions from the concerned authorities and should include proof that the permission is granted. Provide all the necessary sources for your article. The article submission would be paid. Kindly contact us for more details. 
  1. Guest posting– The guest posting articles must be well written, they need to be to the point and there should be relevant links in the article.
  1. Product Promotion– We allow product(s) promotion of the services which go hand in hand with our content. All the product promotions are paid. Kindly contact us for more information. 
  1. Personal ads– Promotion of personal ads is available but the ads would be reviewed by our editorial team. 

If you want to advertise with us, kindly contact us. We are very particular about the guidelines, of advertising which is as follows:

  1. Reviewing of ads

We remain candid for regulating the types of ads which will be displayed on our possessions. We carry full right to call off, abandon or discontinue any ads and we give advance notice to the advertiser for discontinuation of any ad along with a detailed explanation. We also have complete rights for the placement of the ads on the properties of our website.

  1. No endorsement of advertised services

The products we display on our website are in the form of advertisements but our undertaking of any ads shall not be considered as an endorsement of the products or the services which are advertised, also not for the company/organization that manufactures the products. In special circumstances, our team may rank some of the products. These rankings will totally be decided by the editorial team of our website, without any favoritism or existing relations with the companies providing the products or services.

  1. Choosing the ads before accepting

We don’t accept ads that provide misleading information, are not appropriate, or are poor in content. Pharmacy-related ads are only accepted by re-checking with the Food and Drug Administration. Moreover, the products which need to be advertised must be available in the market. No permission is given to ads that promote unlawful and illegitimate products and services. Ads must not contain any controversial information, fraud, exasperation, or display anything which might hurt the sentiments of an individual or a community based on caste, color, creed, gender, or religion. Ads should not defame any other organization, or threaten the service of any company. Ads must not produce stuff like alcohol/liquor, pornography, fireworks, ammunition, gambling, politics, etc. All ads must be from a genuine advertiser.

  1. Distinguishing the ads and editorial content

In every case, we maintain clear-cut segregation between the advertisements and editorial content. All ads displayed on Dr. Dial’s media properties are distinctly and are recognized as such. If a user clicks on an ad, it will take him to the advertiser’s website or a resource that is centrally hosted by us. Sponsored resource centers are marked by themselves and the name of the sponsors are mentioned.

  1. Sponsored and non-sponsored content

Dr. Dial media looks for suitable sponsorships from trustworthy and sustainable organizations and service providers. These auspices provide financing to our media and also provide the latest information to the users related to health, lifestyle, and pharmaceuticals. All the editorial content that the advertiser provides is liable to our editorial policy and is inspected by the editorial team. In case the content is provided by a named adviser, we must make sure to differentiate it from our original editorial content so that it does not confuse the users. We also do native advertising that is linking the content to other websites for further information about our users. Dr. Dial media may also post advertising posts on our social media platforms.

  1. Affiliate advertising/marketing

As a part of our advertisements, Dr. Dial editors may link some products which might be useful for the users. All the products are chosen after reviewing them. It must be noted that our media may receive commissions if a purchase is made following the link on our website, within 24 hours of clicking the link.

  1. Partner program Content

Dr. Dial media only works with services and products that go hand in hand with our purpose. Dr. Dial media only presents content that feels relevant, beneficial, and best for the users. There is no medical review provided by Dr. Dial media and does not take any charge for the products presented on the pages. The partner content would be labeled as it does not go through an editorial process. 

Fish with milk side effects? Can you consume both? What is World Pneumonia Day | 12 November 2022 Did you know? risk of heart attack increases in the winter season. Measles • Disease outbreak • Mumbai • Vaccination Family history is not sufficient to assume the disease risk
Fish with milk side effects? Can you consume both? What is World Pneumonia Day | 12 November 2022 Did you know? risk of heart attack increases in the winter season. Measles • Disease outbreak • Mumbai • Vaccination Family history is not sufficient to assume the disease risk