The Importance of Eye Exams for Patients with a Family History of Cataracts

Cataracts are a common condition that affects millions of people around the world. If you have a family history of cataracts, it’s essential to schedule regular eye exams to monitor your eye health and prevent the onset of cataracts. At Neeraj Eye Hospital in Chandigarh, Dr. Neeraj Sood and his team of professionals are dedicated … Read more



The articulation of the Mandible forms the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is located anteriorly to the tragus of the ear, on thelateral aspect of the face.  The muscles of mastication facilitate the movements of the TMJ.Let us look at the anatomy Temporomandibular Joint; i.e., its articular surfaces and ligaments, including their clinical correlation. The Articular Surfaces … Read more

Can eat fish during pregnancy?

can eat fish during pregnancy

First Suggestion is always Confirmed from your doctor. Apart from this fish is full of nutrition, vitamins and minerals,  most famous for Omega and Zinc, magnesium which is very healthy for any individual. Now talk about pregnancy. Fish is very healthy and helpful in the cognitive development of a baby. It provides nutrition in huge … Read more

Should eat curd in cough?

Should eat curd in cough

No, according to experts curd can increase mucus in the throat, because curd is made from milk which contains casein which increases the Phlegm Production, So it must avoid in coughing. Especially at night because it can cause Kapha. Even while you are suffering from cough you must avoid all dairy products including curd as … Read more

Can we eat papaya fruit at night?

Can we eat papaya fruit at night

Papaya is a source of antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It is far good for digestive health. Antioxidants may reduce  the health disease as it exhibits cardioprotective properties. Moreover, Papaya contains high nutritional value such as enzymes both chymopapain and papain that helps to reduce digestive and inflammation problems. Now, the question … Read more

Can you consume chicken and milk together?

Can you consume chicken and milk together?

Mmmmmmmhhh…… Yes but not at the same time, You can consume milk after 2-3 hrs. Drinking milk with any non-vegetarian food is not a good idea. Because milk and chicken both are rich in Protein and excess quantity of protein affects your body adversely. Their digestion procedure also differs. Chicken takes more time to digest … Read more

Can eat apple at night?

Can eat apple at night?

There is no confirmation that eating apples at night has a bad effect on health. Although apples contain vitamin C  which boosts good sleep. Eating apple at night weight loss? So, if you want to eat, you can. But as we know apples are morning fruit because it helps the body to fight against infectious … Read more

Fish with milk side effects

Fish with milk side effects

First of all, let me tell you that both fish and milk are very important food sources, especially because both of them have been found good nutrition, which is very important for our bodies and mind development. Necessarily, the important question is, can you consume fish and milk together? Below has been mentioned fish with … Read more

Fish with milk side effects? Can you consume both? What is World Pneumonia Day | 12 November 2022 Did you know? risk of heart attack increases in the winter season. Measles • Disease outbreak • Mumbai • Vaccination Family history is not sufficient to assume the disease risk