Can we eat papaya fruit at night?

Papaya is a source of antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It is far good for digestive health. Antioxidants may reduce  the health disease as it exhibits cardioprotective properties. Moreover, Papaya contains high nutritional value such as enzymes both chymopapain and papain that helps to reduce digestive and inflammation problems.

Can we eat papaya fruit at night

Now, the question arises: Can we eat papaya at night?

Yes, you can eat Papaya at night but in a small amount. It helps correct constipation due to its Laxative property. 

As per recommendations of Nutritionist. We should avoid eating fruits at night. It Interferes with our digestion system, but there are few fruits which we can take before bed: Banana, papaya, kiwi and cherry etc.

#Healthtip: Fruits are a good idea to consume in breakfast and you can consider them as a healthy snack after lunch.

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