How to boost your Immune system naturally?

In this pandemic era, all of us have definitely realized that how important is our natural immunity. Our natural immunity requires us to continuously maintain it and keep boosting it. Boosting immunity can be challenging but not impossible and we already know how prime it is for our own benefit. 

Boosting your immunity helps you to save your body from diseases and illness. In this article, you will learn for methods on how to boost your immune system naturally-

How to boost your Immune system naturally?

Intake of the whole plant foods-

Let us first understand what whole plant foods are. Whole plant food refers to a plant-based diet without the addition of any extra sugars or refined stuff. They have a lot of health benefits and decrease the risk of many fatal diseases. 

Intake of the whole plant foods

These include whole grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, nuts/seeds, legumes, etc. Having plentiful nutrients, they prevent harmful health conditions like heart problems, cancers, etc. 

They are rich in antioxidants which decreases any kind of inflammation which develops in the body. Whole plant foods are fibrous which promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut so that the digestion goes well. 

Concentrate on exercise & fitness that boost your Immune system- 

Focusing on moderate exercises is a definite answer for how to boost your immune system naturally. Recent studies have proved that exercise lifts up the effect of healthy diets in one’s body. 

Concentrate on exercise & fitness

 Moreover, exercise is an absolute answer for how to increase white blood cells in the body as it regulates and regenerates the WBC’s. 

The moderate exercises which can be performed on regular basis are- Walking, jogging, running, cycling, etc. You can devote 1.5 hours daily to exercise. 

I would also bring to note the significance of YOGA. Yoga has proved very beneficial for curing a lot of diseases. Due to this Yoga has achieved international recognition. Performing Yoga asana everyday can boost your immune system naturally. 

Drink plenty of Water to make hydrate your immune system-

Staying hydrated is the most important principle of life. Drinking plenty of water prevents dehydration in the body. Dehydration can cause body complications in vital organs like the heart, kidney, liver, etc. 

Drink plenty of Water

One should drink around 3 liters of water daily. Drinking water continuously releases toxins from the body. It keeps our skin glowing and healthy. It prevents digestion problems and constipation. It helps to maintain a normal blood pressure. 

Dehydration can definitely increase your chances of falling ill, thus the importance of drinking water can be summed up. 

Proper sleeping schedules to keep rest your immune system- 

Sleep and immunity go hand in hand. Proper sleep boosts the natural immunity as the body gets proper rest. Proper rest provides the body efficiency to work actively the next day. 

Proper sleeping schedules

Studies have proved that people who sleep less than six hours are likely to fall ill sooner as compared to people who take a proper 8 hours sleep. 

Try to avoid using digital devices before sleeping to prevent strain on your eyes and a headache too. Try to go to bed at the same time every day, so as to build a sleep cycle. Inadequate sleep and rest pumps the chances of your being sick. Thus adults should take at least 7 hours of sleep. 

Control the Sugar Intake for maintain immune system- 

Refined food and carbs heavily contribute towards diseases like obesity. Obesity can increase your chances of catching deadly conditions like a heart attack.  

Control the Sugar Intake

Controlling your sugar and carb intake will definitely help you in weight loss, thus reducing the danger of many diseases. 

Also, note that high sugar intake, weakens the immune system. So controlling your sugar diet and replacing it with healthy foods will definitely be a blessing for you on how to boost your immune system naturally. 

Consume healthy fats to boost your Immune system-

Healthy fats help the body to grow by promoting the growth by boosting your immunity naturally. They help the body to fight with pathogens and suppress the inflammation in the body. 

Some healthy fats are found in food products like avocados, olive oil, chia seeds, etc. these foods contain anti-inflammatory properties which prevents the multiplication of viruses and bacteria. 

Consume healthy fats

 To sum some of the benefits of healthy fats are-

  • They lower the risk of heart diseases. 
  • Inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. 
  • Keeps the body’s immune system healthy. 

Replace your fatty foods with healthy fats for how to boost your immune system naturally. 

Don’t take too much stress because its harm for immune system- 

In the modern era, stress and anxiety have become the main cause of so many disorders. If the stress keeps on the building then it may cause a lot of problems in the body’s immune system. 

Don’t take too much stress

According to recent researches, the cases of deaths have increased due to psychological disorders. Stress management activities can bring a lot of relief to one’s life. Practicing meditation, yoga and other stress busters will definitely come to help.

Don’t forget to reach out to the correct person when in problem. It is always better to find an individual to talk to when things don’t seem right!

Managing your stress can help you how to boost your immune system naturally. 

Start consuming supplements of some important vitamins & Minerals to boost your Immune system-

Taking supplements of vitamins and minerals has proven effective to boost the natural immunity of the body. 

Let’s discuss some of the important vitamins and minerals- 

Start consuming supplements of some important vitamins & Minerals
  • Vitamin C– Intake of this vitamin reduces the chances of catching a common cold and flu. It is advised to take 1000-2000 mg of Vitamin C every day. Vitamin C can be taken through Citrus fruits and some vegetables. They can also be consumed through supplements. 
  • Vitamin D– You can take Vitamin D naturally through Sunlight and also through food sources. It is very essential for immunity. 
  • Zinc– this mineral along with some multi-vitamins has proved very effective in the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is an important mineral and a natural immunity booster. 
Home remedies for boost your Immune system- 

Home remedies using some natural herbs and shrubs are very effective on how to boost immune system naturally. Let’s discuss a few of them, though there are plenty available. 

Home remedies
  • Tinospora Cordifolia commonly known as Giloy in Hindi– Boiling these in warm water, ten straining them, and drinking the water is very good for our immune system.
  • Adding ginger and basil (tulsi) in Tea– This becomes helpful during the winter season when the chances to catch a cold and flu are more. 
  • Mixing garlic juice and honey– This heals throat related problems like sour throat, cough, etc.  

Continuously practicing these home remedies even if you are perfectly alright can boost your immunity naturally. 

Change your sedentary lifestyle– 

You really have to work on yourself in order to strengthen your immune system. This includes managing your sleep cycles, regular exercise, and fitness activities, having a balanced diet, taking your vitamins and minerals on time, proper sleep, and practicing home remedies.  These activities will definitely teach you how to boost your immunity naturally. 


These are some ways on how to boost your immune system naturally. If you adapt to all these activities, then definitely you will be saved from harmful diseases to some extent. While battling against this pandemic, we can definitely do our bit for ourselves and our fellow citizens by living a healthy lifestyle and following the protocols.  

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