Why is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Root Canal Treatment (RCT): is needed when the dental X-ray shows that the pulp has been damaged by bacterial infection, trauma, resorption or multiple restorations. RCT acts as a saviour in these cases.

The pulp may be inflamed allowing the bacteria to multiply and spread.

Leaving the infected tooth in your mouth may make it worse.

Antibiotics are not effective in treating Root canal infections. They can though help to treat infection that spreads beyond the root and causes swelling.

You will get some symptoms which will indicate that you need a root canal treatment:

1. Pain in tooth:

one of the most common sign. It will be continuous and sometimes chewing pressure can cause immense pain.

2. Abscess:

If you find any bump like a pimple on your gums it can be an abscess. 

3. Trauma:

Any accident or Bruxism can fracture the tooth. In some cases it can also trigger after a few years.

4, Excessive Decay:

Small cavities can lead to bigger ones if you do not visit a dentist regularly to get everything checked.

5. Appearance:

Noticing a discoloured tooth can often be a sign your tooth needs RCT.

Sometimes you will notice swelling & tenderness around that tooth. You may also have swollen lymph nodes.

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