Can you consume chicken and milk together?

Mmmmmmmhhh…… Yes but not at the same time, You can consume milk after 2-3 hrs. Drinking milk with any non-vegetarian food is not a good idea. Because milk and chicken both are rich in Protein and excess quantity of protein affects your body adversely. Their digestion procedure also differs. Chicken takes more time to digest as compared to milk. Due to this excess protein causing high metabolic ration on liver, bones and kidneys. Besides it, it also increases the risk of coronary heart disease. This combination majorly affects long by causing gut related disease, such as, nausea, stomach ache etc. As well skin diseases.


Is It Safe to Consume Milk After Eating Chicken?

Yes, safe but you should know the right time, science and reaction behind then you will assume it by themselves, why and what happens it is and know about safety of the drinking milk after eating chicken.

Should You Avoid Consuming Milk After Chicken?

Naturally, it is not good for your stomach!

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